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COACHES, Personal Trainers & 
Specialty INstructors

Stephanie Scott

Co-Owner + Coach + Personal Trainer 

Steph has been working in the health and fitness industry since 1996 and, specifically, corporate fitness since 1999. She earned her Bachelor's of Science in Health Fitness in Preventative and Rehabilitative Programs in 1999 and holds certifications through ACSM, EXOS, YogaFit, Pilates and Boxing. 

Steph is passionate about functional fitness and longevity in quality of life. She also finds endless joy in helping each person realize their inner athlete and how to move like one. 

Kate Walton

Co-Owner + Coach + Personal Trainer 

Kate has been working in the fitness and wellness industry since 2009. She completed her Bachelor’s Degree in Exercise Science, Masters Degree in Exercise Physiology, and holds certifications through ACSM, AFAA, EXOS, YogaFit, and Spinning.


She strives to help people achieve sustainable exercise habits and even make exercise a fun experience. Moderation is key and she wants people to focus on how much better they feel mentally when they're physically able to do the things they love. She has successfully recovered from her fair share of injuries/surgeries and credits regular, purposeful training for that.

SAM Steiger

Lead Coach + Personal Trainer

Sam began in the health and fitness industry 7 years ago.  In 2017 she completed her Bachelor’s Degree in Exercise Science and holds her personal training certification through ACE and has been a personal and group trainer for 3 years. 


She loves helping people reach goals they never thought possible and inspire confidence through health and fitness.  She aims to help people find the joy in working out and being healthy. 

sydney Moore
Coach + Personal Trainer

Sydney has been in the Health and Fitness Industry since 2016. She completed her B.S. in Exercise Science, M.S. in Exercise Physiology and is currently a Physical Therapy student. She holds a ACSM-EP Certification. Between playing division 1 soccer and working in several rehabilitation settings, she highly regards incorporating functional training and injury prevention to maximize progress. 


She believes in applying a holistic approach to training and making sure we understand the "why" behind a program. She loves to help people stay mentally and physically strong on the path to meet and exceed their goals so we can make new ones and do it all again! Here to lift weights and spirits! Positive Vibes all around! Can't wait to see your progress!

Mike Schepers
Coach + Personal Trainer

Mike has been working in the health and fitness industry since 2018 where he primarily focused on personal training and group workouts. He is certified through ACE and AFAA.


He is passionate about using functional movement, strength training and your individual fitness goals to motivate and challenge you. Each person is unique with their desired goals and personal modification needs. Mike looks forward to walking alongside you through your personal fitness journey. You can look forward to the perfect balance of being challenged while feeling accomplished in your goals.

Tara SielFleisch
Personal Trainer

Tara is NASM certified and has been in the fitness industry for 7 years. She's a personal trainer, group coach, and has coached and competed in collegiate cheerleading. In addition to fitness, she's in school for Occupational Therapy.

She is passionate about helping people reach their fitness goals all while living a balanced lifestyle. She wants people to enjoy fitness and see it as a reward rather than a punishment, and gain confidence they never knew they had.

Nick Martin
Personal Trainer

Nick completed his Bachelor's Degree in Health Management, with a minor in Nutrition, and has obtained numerous specialized certifications: NASM CPT & PES, NESTA SNS, FMS and USPA Powerlifting. A decade ago Nick completely changed his exercise and nutrition outlook and made health his passion.


He can speak to how his previous habits and current routines affected his mindset and lifestyle. Before his transformation he was a shy and quiet person who lacked confidence and his shift towards health helped him evolve into a positive and more confident person who hopes to help as many people as possible. The reward is bigger than you can imagine.

Scotty Barnes

Coach + Personal Trainer


Scotty has been working in the fitness and coaching industries since 2010. He has a Bachelor's degree in Human Performance and is currently working on his Master's in Health Sciences with a Fitness and Wellness Specialization. He is a Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist through the NSCA and also a Level 2 Training for Warriors Coach.


He believes in creating an atmosphere of growth inside the gym that leads to even more growth outside of it. Fitness is not just a physical journey but can also bring about positive changes in every aspect of life. 

Posy Lou Durr
Specialty Instructor

Posy Lou began her instructional fitness journey as a gymnastics coach in 2012, and she's been coaching ever since. She received her Group Fitness Instructor certification through AFAA and NASM in 2018, and specializes in Barre, Cycling, Yoga and Pilates. She has 10+ years experience in both gymnastics and dance, and she gets energy from inspiring others to cultivate the confidence to truly express themselves.

judi Ford-Underhill

Yoga Instructor


Judi’s first yoga class was taught by her daughter. At 56 years old it was time to think about increasing bone density and “yoga” was suggested.


She fell in love with the benefits of yoga and wanted to share this gift with others. In June 2010, she completed the Many Hearts Yoga 200 Hour Teacher Training Program. In 2012 she was certified on The Great Yoga Wall with Bryan Legere from Venture Yoga Studio. She continued her education in 2015 by completing Reiki I and Reiki II with Thomas Tessereau at the Healing Arts Center and became a Certified Educator in Ageless Grace.

Rachel Kozinski
Yoga Instructor

An avid yogi for over a decade, Rachel earned her 200HR-RYT certification through the Yoga Collective in Venice Beach, California. Her holistic vinyasa-based flows integrate cardio, strength and flexibility, with an emphasis on mindfulness. Students enjoy a challenge that meets them where they’re at, all while dropping them into the present moment. You’ll leave class strengthened and nurtured both mentally and physically!

Jay Duhadway

Kickboxing Instructor

Jay found her passion for Kickboxing after trying martial arts and turned it into a career. In addition to her kickboxing certification and experience, she is a certified Personal Trainer and Nutrition Coach. Now she gets to help people achieve their health goals and improve quality of life! She loves to learn and branch out in the world of fitness and enjoys healthy cooking. Jay's goals when it comes to teaching and coaching is to make you feel confident about performing exercises safely, and have fun too!

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