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group fitness training in st. louis

THE Process

At Personal Space Fitness

we have THREE FOCUSES to support our system

Fitness consultation fitness testing in st. louis


Unlimited Members have the support of a Personal Fitness Consultant (PFC) that helps to keep them on track and progressing. The PFC helps to create a focused workout schedule based on Progress Check results, personal goals and barriers.

All Unlimited Memberships include Progress Checks. Progress Checks use InBody scans and measurements to gauge changes. The data collected during these appointments helps the PFC and the member outline a targeted plan for continued success. 


Our system gives each day a specific purpose and intention. If a member comes most days of the week they can rest assured that their workout regimen is balanced based on principles of fitness training.

Strength: Mondays, Weds, Fridays

Interval: Tuesdays & Saturdays

Cardio: Thursdays & Sundays

Throughout the week recovery and ancillary workouts are available, such as Yoga, Pilates, Barre and Restorative Stretch. 

Workout breakdowns are displayed in The Studio and The Garage and video content is available on our On Demand video library. 

medicine ball workout in st. louis
boxing workout in st. louis


The majority of our workouts stay the same for one month. Why? So you can crush your training!

Coaches breakdown the movements while you gain confidence in your movements and form. You learn how a pattern is supposed to feel and why. Our groups are small enough for the Coach to keep a keen eye on each athlete. Our Group Workouts are reservation based so Coaches can see who's coming and be prepared with modifications and progressions to meet everyone's needs. Our system is based in tried and true principles. You just need to show up.

The System

The PSF System is comprised of Primary, Complementary and Ancillary workouts. Stirred together they make the perfect fitness recipe. The recipe can be customized to satisfy each athlete's particular tastes and metrics-driven desires.

Primary Workouts: The main ingredients.

Strength, Circuit (interval training), Intensity (cardio-endurance training). These should make up about 60% of your weekly workout schedule.

Complementary Workouts: The seasonings.

Workouts that compliment the Primary workouts.

TRX, Barbell, Pedal, Rowing, Boxing.

These should make up 30% of your workout schedule. 

Ancillary Workouts: The garnish.

They make everything come together.

Yoga, Pilates, Barre, Restorative Stretch.

These should make up 10% of your workout schedule.

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